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fam’s journey so far…

Parents to three young girls, Jen and Ben Alexander wanted a space online where they could share what the girls were getting up to with family. Concerned about the lack of privacy on social media platforms, they decided to build their own.

As family members joined, Jen and Ben realised they’d created a special place for family connection, which was highlighted to them during the coronavirus lockdown, when family members couldn’t visit each other.

From Great Grandparents in isolation, to family members stuck overseas, fam enabled their entire family to stay connected. 

Jen’s Aunty even started posting embarrassing baby photos of Jen’s Dad! Priceless family history captured forever. By connecting with those that mean the most, people can be themselves and are reminded of what they have, not what they don’t have.

After seeing the positive impact that fam was having on their family, it became clear that fam could help other families.

Today, we’re more connected than ever, yet more lonely. fam is a space for meaningful connections with one’s support network. 

This journey inspires Jen and Ben to continue building a healthier social media platform for all families!